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Download this file (Right To Information Act, 2064.pdf)Right To Information Act, 2064.pdfसूचनाको हक सम्बन्धी ऐन, २०६४122 Kb12/23/16 08:02
Download this file (Post Regulation, 2020.pdf)Post Regulation, 2020.pdfहुलाक नियमावली, २०२०337 Kb12/23/16 08:33
Download this file (Postal Saving Bank Regulation, 2033.pdf)Postal Saving Bank Regulation, 2033.pdfहुलाक बचत बैँक नियमावली, २०३३114 Kb12/23/16 08:36
Download this file (Postal Act, 2019.pdf)Postal Act, 2019.pdfहुलाक ऐन, २०१९167 Kb12/23/16 08:37
Download this file (Monery Order Regulation, 2031.pdf)Monery Order Regulation, 2031.pdfधनादेश नियमावली, २०३१80 Kb12/23/16 08:43
Download this file (Additional Post Regulation 2034.pdf)Additional Post Regulation 2034.pdfअतिरिक्त हुलाक नियमावली, २०३४114 Kb12/23/16 07:56
Download this file (Additional Post Goods Insurance Regulation, 2019.pdf)Additional Post Goods Insurance Regulation, 2019.pdfअतिरिक्त हुलाक वस्तु बिमा नियम, २०१९69 Kb12/23/16 08:28
Download this file (Additional Post Regulation Third Ammendment.pdf)Additional Post Regulation Third Ammendment.pdfअतिरिक्त हुलाक नियमावली तेश्रो संशोधन २०६८98 Kb12/23/16 07:57