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Quality of Service and Supply Chain Improvement Project in Asian Countries (2015/16)

Nepal Post had participated in the UPU's Quality of Service and Supply Chain Improvement Project in Asian Countries for the 2015/16 Cycle along with nearly 15 Asia Pacific countries. Four different workshops at different cities in Asia-Pacific region were held. Mr. Bed Prasad Bhandari, section officer of International Relations and Mail Section from Nepal Post had been the Country Project Manager for the project. Nepal Post was awarded 'B' Level certification during Istanbul Congress - 2016, in Istanbul, Turkey, for putting continuous effort on improvising its quality of service.






First Workshop

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

19-23 January, 2015


Second Workshop

Mumbai, India

25-29 May, 2015


Third Workshop

Manila, the Philippines

November 29-December 04, 2015


Fourth Workshop


May 30- June 02, 2016

Please CLICK below for Supporting Documents prepared for the UPU QS Project.

Available Downloads
FileDescriptionFile sizeLast modified
Download this file (Process Mapping Parcel.pdf)Process MappingProcess Mapping for Parcel Items (Both; Inbound and Outbound)66 Kb04/14/16 10:41
Download this file (Process Mapping LCAO.pdf)Process MappingProcess Mapping for LC/AO (Letters including Registered and Ordinary)71 Kb04/14/16 10:40
Download this file (Process Mapping EMS.pdf)Process MappingProcess Mapping for Express Mail Service (EMS)68 Kb04/14/16 10:39
Download this file (Sample of measurement.pdf)Sample of MeasurementResult of Domestic Letter Testing (Measurement of Jhapa District Post to the Capital)274 Kb04/14/16 10:38
Download this file (Annual targets.pdf)Annual TargetsAnnual Targets for Quality of Service in Nepal Post506 Kb04/14/16 10:36
Download this file (Instructions to all DOs.pdf)Instruction to all DOsInstruction to Regional Directors, District Post Officers, Central Post Officers with Quality Targets536 Kb04/14/16 10:34
Download this file (Survey Results.pdf)Survey ResultsResults of Customer Satisfaction Survey131 Kb04/14/16 10:32
Download this file (GMS_E2E_Distribution.pdf)GMS E2E DistributionGMS E2E Distribution210 Kb04/14/16 10:30
Download this file (Telecommunication-Policy-2060-eng.pdf)Telecommunication Policy (2060 BS)Telecommunication Policy245 Kb04/14/16 10:25
Download this file (Security Policy.pdf)Security PolicySecurity Policy for Postal Functionaries 88 Kb04/14/16 10:24
Download this file (Long Term Policy of Information and Communication Sector, 2059 (2003).pdf)Long Term Policy of Information and Communication Sector (2059 BS), 2003 ADLong Term Policy of Information and Communication Sector (2059 BS), 2003 AD165 Kb04/14/16 10:23
Download this file (CQMRT NEPAL.pdf)Country Quality Monitoring & Reporting TeamA Devoted Team to Monitor and Report for the QS Project298 Kb04/14/16 10:21
Download this file (Postal-Act-2019-1963.pdf)Postal Act 2019 (1963 AD)Postal Act of Nepal534 Kb04/14/16 10:18
Download this file (Customer Satisfaction Survey.pdf)Customer Satisfaction SurveyCustomer Satisfaction Survey641 Kb04/14/16 10:15
Download this file (Civil Service Act.pdf)Civil Service Act of NepalProcedures for recruiting Postal and Administrative Officials in Nepal1086 Kb04/14/16 10:11